Make Sure You Visit These 5 Attractions When You’re in Paris

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Who doesn’t love Paris? At some point, everyone has seen a movie or a television drama with the main characters walking along the city streets with the Eiffel Tower in the background. And at some point, everyone has dreamt of visiting this beautiful city at least once. Headed to Paris soon? Don’t miss these five attractions:
  • The arc, designed by Jean Chalgrin, stands at a height of 50 meters and is 22 meters wide. If you visit at night, you’ll see the rekindling of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.
  • This structure is a representation of the Gothic style and is considered as one of the greatest achievements of the Rayonnant Age of Gothic architecture.
  • Although the original plan for the Louvre was to actually be a fortress, the line of royals who have resided in the Louvre kept on expanding it until it became the 72,735sqm museum much loved by people from all around the world today.
  • It took a little over two years and two months to complete and you’ll be surprised to know that the tower was intended to last only for 20 years. But scientific experiments attested to the significance of the tower which is why it remains a symbol of France up to this day.
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