The "Love MY Planet" SMARTgame® teaches young children sustainable living skills through mindful daily actions which were carefully crafted to result in healthy habit formation. Students complete a personal exploration of the five pillars of sustainability PLUS one! ENERGY, WASTE, WATER, ECOLOGY, FOOD, and KINDNESS.



  • Turn off all the lights as if there is no electric, and be creative!




  • Keep it off for at least 2 minutes.


When children are empowered with skills and habits that keep themselves, others, and their environment well, their self-esteem soars. This SMARTgame® is played for six weeks (M-F) in school, at home, and even out in the communities of players who receive rewards when they prove they have completed their prescribed SMART actions! 26 students per class, 30 actions per student equals 780 actions that create a better tomorrow for us all. Can you live sustainably? How about keeping one wrist band on for 6 weeks?? Turning off lights EVERY time you leave a room, shortening the amount of time to brush your teeth and so much more. Sounds like a challenge right? Well it's time to prove what kids can do! Our Super Health Heroes amA+zing Grace and STARman James can't wait to receive the wrist bands back! They collect and count all of the actions they see students accomplishing, and they share them all around our beautiful country, ! It's time to head right on over the START arrow and begin your LOVE MY PLANET journey NOW!