Leadership Meeting Checklist

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  • PowerPoint should focus on evidence of implementation, what AVID has done for our school and students, how AVID connects to other initiatives and successes on campus, and how AVID has been the catalyst for transforming the culture of our school.
  • Where has our school has come from? Where is it now? Where is it going? Why are we committed to AVID?
  • The Demo Portal Portfolio should include evidence of appropriate tools and resources to implement the AVID system with fidelity. Meaningful data should have a tie-in to AVID, such as improved test scores, scholarship money, graduates attending post-secondary education, etc.
  • Meeting should be approximately 60 minutes with at least 20 minutes of "A&A" time for the visiting team to ask questions to School Leadership Team/Site Team.
  • Everyone should speak at the meeting - principal, coordinator(s), Site Team members (no one person should have the floor). Be enthusiastic and share successes!