• Dec 24, 2021

Lawless Spanish - Unit 20


    Do your job with this list of professions in Spanish.

    The letter R

    Learn how to rrrroll your Rs in Spanish.

    Lesson: Pretérito

    The Spanish simple past tense, used to talk about things that were completed in the past.

    Quiz 1: Multiple choice

    Have you mastered these conjugations? (After taking the quiz and seeing your results, you'll be prompted to create a free Progress with Lawless Spanish account, which I highly recommend. For more info, see the link below.)

    Quiz 2: Fill-in-the-blanks

    Another chance to show off your pretérito conjugations. (You will need to be logged into your PwLS account to take this test.)

    Progress with Lawless Spanish (PwLS)

    Create your free account and take the placement test to find out your level, receive a personalized Studyplan, and track your progress through quizzes.

    About this course

    Tips on following this course and links to other units.

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