• Dec 24, 2021

Lawless Spanish - Unit 19


    Be brave, kind, interesting, or whatever else you like with this Spanish vocabulary.

    The letter Q

    The Spanish q is pronounced like the English k.

    Lesson: Prepositions

    Overview of the most common Spanish prepositions, with links to detailed lessons.

    Lesson: Spelling change verbs

    Certain conjugations require a spelling change to maintain the correct pronunciation.

    Quiz: Spelling change verbs

    Have you mastered these conjugations? (After taking the quiz and seeing your results, you'll be prompted to create a free Progress with Lawless Spanish account, which I highly recommend. For more info, see the link below.)

    Progress with Lawless Spanish (PwLS)

    Create your free account and take the placement test to find out your level, receive a personalized Studyplan, and track your progress through quizzes.

    About this course

    Tips on following this course and links to other units.

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