How To Go Vegan In 30 Days Or Fewer

Want to go vegan but have no idea where to start? This checklist demystifies all the common roadblocks to veganism, and gives you a manageable, fun way to embrace this healthy, ethical, and future-oriented lifestyle.

  • The hardest part of any lifestyle change is overcoming mental obstacles.
  • The hardest part, aside from being prepared to make the change, is maintaining momentum. Having meals cut out for you will ensure you won't feel lost or discouraged.
  • They may understand quickly, or they may not. Remember that it's not about their reactions or commentary, however extreme it may be - it's about your response and how you can educate them.
  • If that means beginning with one vegan meal per day, that's a great place to start. Getting your habit to stick is the most important piece of the puzzle. Commit to what you know you can achieve.
  • Remember not to take it personally, and say "I don't need to answer that right now" if someone asks a rude or selfish question.
  • hot dogs, burger patties, chicken, fish, or meatballs).
  • Make a meal with one!
  • Nutrients like B12, iron, Vitamin D, and iodine can be trickier to get on a vegan diet through food alone. Use supplementation to fill nutritional gaps.
  • Strike up a conversation to learn more and become closer friends!
  • Most major cities have excellent options, but if you aren't near a major metropolitan area, do a quick online search to see what's near you.
  • You never know who may be your next vegan bestie!
  • These two sites provide plenty of great information for new vegans.
  • There are thousands of mouthwatering, cheap, and easy vegan recipes that will ensure your transition is seamless.
  • You may be surprised at what you'll find!
  • The joy of being vegan comes with appreciating a life filled with consciousness for animals, the environment, and human health.
  • Most people go vegan as a result of being influenced positively by family and friends.
  • While books may not appeal to everyone, reading at least one book on veganism will help you reinforce your vegan knowledge and answer questions confidently when asked.
  • Browse Pinterest or One Green Planet if you need ideas!
  • Good starter films are Cowspiracy, Vegucated, Earthlings, Carnage, and What The Health.
  • Make it a point to regularly learn about what's going on in the vegan world.
  • Chances are they'll like it, and you may discover something new as well!
  • This could be anything from shoes, belts, and jackets to a purse, winter coat, or sweater.
  • Check them out if you get stuck or need that one vegan version of a product.
  • Lifestyle changes are always easier with likeminded people!
  • You're almost near the end, and deserve some self-love!
  • Building relationships with the wider vegan community, and seeing how many diverse types of people embrace veganism will encourage and strengthen you.
  • Cherish this victory with your favorite meal, dessert, or activity. Remember that veganism benefits you, the animals, and the Earth! Share this checklist with someone else who may be interested.
30 proven strategies, tips, and actions you can take to solidify your choice to go vegan.