Grant Proposal Writing Checklist

Find a grant

  • Books are published every year with lists of grants. Go to the reference section at your library, or check a reliable website.
  • Before you put all the time and work into a proposal, contact the grant giver to confirm the deadline and to find out whether the grant is still available.
  • Every grant will have a list of rules that your project has to fall inside if it's going to be eligible.
  • Before applying for a grant, you need to know your project inside and out. If you can't quote figures and explain it in plain language, you need to do more research.
  • It's important that you do the math and figure out exactly how much money you need to complete your project. If a grant is too big, you'll need to explain what you'll do with the rest of the money; if it's too small, you should explain where you plan on getting the rest of the cash you need.
  • Make sure you can offer a prediction as to how soon your project can be completed once you have the grant money.

Research the project

Write the grant

Want free money to go to school, start a business or do any of a hundred other things? Then what you need is a grant from the government or a non-profit organization. If you want to stand out from the competition, you need a professional and detailed grant proposal, which is easier to write than you may think. With a little planning and proper research, your proposal will win over the selection committee and have you at work on your project in no time.


  •  Check those figures. Before including any numbers, make sure to double-check your sources and your math.
  • Watch the deadline. Work at a steady pace and have your proposal ready to be turned in before the due date so you have a cushion for fixing last-minute problems.
  • Think about your environment. Write your grant proposal in a place that's free from outside distractions, where all of your research materials are on hand.