Five Things You Need to Plan for Your Umrah

The Umrah is one of the most important aspects in the course of life of a Muslim. It requires preparation and planning. But while everyone leaving for Umrah spends a great deal of planning and preparing, there are still some things that they sometimes forget or pay little attention to, and an example is their physical body and the state of their health when they travel. Your health is extremely important when you’re leaving for Umrah. These five aspects of your health should always be part of your preparation:

  • Weeks leading to the pilgrimage, train your body to exercise and adjust to physically demanding tasks like long walks.
  • There will be hundreds of thousands of people visiting your destination and it helps to be protected from diseases that could impede your journey.
  • Allow your mind to free itself from negativity and things that stress you out. A stress-free life translates to a healthier physical body so keep track of your emotional and stress levels.
  • By keeping a healthy diet, you’re giving your body the energy it needs to function minus the discomfort brought about by consuming foods high in fat.
  • This saves time and will ensure that when something happens you’re likely to have the first aid materials you need.
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