GA Resdiential Listing Client Checklist

Our team is honored to have earned your business by allowing us to list your home. The process can seem overwhelming. To help with that, we have provided this checklist to go by in order to keep track of and see where you are at in the process of getting your property active on the market.

  • You will want to work on completing this form first. This form will contain all the information needed to plug into the MLS when your listing goes active. Make sure all information is correct and that all required fields are checked off.
  • *If staging is needed* --I have sent your information over to our staging consultant. She will be reaching out to you to coordinate the staging.
  • I will be coordinating the photo shoot. Keep in mind, listings are made active on Tuesday's and Friday's only. It takes up to 2 days at times to receive photos back.
  • Each line must be checked off & signed at the bottom
  • Fill out
  • Review & sign
(Please Note: This is a template and situations vary. I will check off the items that do not apply to your listing. Ex: Some homes will not need staging & it will be crossed off the list)