Baby Checklist

This baby checklist includes everything you will need for the first weeks after the delivery. Scroll to the end to view other checklists we have for the different stages of your baby.

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  • Baby monitors include cameras and can monitor vitals, provide two-way communication and alert parents when something goes awry. The best monitors can be used via smartphone and allow for remote access and control as well as multiple cameras. Consider use and distance from your baby before purchase.
  • A crib is one of your biggest first investments for your baby. Be sure and do your research before buying. Ensure you buy one that is sturdy, the slats are the right distance apart and it’s easy to access baby (many have pull down sides). Some convert into toddler beds.
  • Your baby’s crib mattress should be easy to clean, hypoallergenic, soft and fit into the crib without any gaps. Most cribs come with a mattress, but if yours doesn’t, be sure it fits well.
  • A changing table is where you will keep all your essentials for a diaper change. Look for one that is sturdy, easy to wipe off, with plenty of space for baby and additional storage for items like diapers, rash cream, baby oil and more.
  • Many people choose a bassinet as a first bed for their baby, instead of a crib. A bassinet has the advantage of being portable, allowing you to place it beside your bed and take it with you. Look for bassinets that provide easy access to baby, are light, durable and easily portable.
  • A rocking chair in the nursery is a great place to nurse or bottle-feed your baby, as well as sing or read to them before nap or bedtime. Look for a chair that is comfortable, with padded arms to support you while holding baby, and plenty of lap room for baby.
  • A mobile in your baby’s crib is a must-have to distract and entertain them before naps or bedtime. Look for ones that include sound, motion, multiple settings and can interact with your baby, stimulating their senses and building hand-eye-coordination.
  • A nightstand in the nursery can hold a lamp, some baby books and other memorabilia or gifts for baby from family. Look for a nightstand with a height that is easy to reach from your rocking chair, or wherever you will nurse, for ease of reach during those night feedings.
  • Blankets, like sheets, will go through a lot of runs in the washing machine due to diaper accidents. Look for cotton blankets that are big enough to tuck around baby during sleep and while being held outside the crib.
  • Crib sheets protect the mattress pad and mattress. Because your baby is bound to have plenty of accidents, it will be helpful to have several on-hand. Look for quality sheets that are soft to the touch and can withstand lots of washes.
  • Baby quilts can be used in the car seat, crib, and while nursing. It’s worth investing in one that is cozy, made of soft material, warm, washable, and can stand plenty of wear.
  • Mattress pads are a must with a baby. The first leaky diaper will make you happy you invested in two. Look for ones that are made of hypoallergenic material, durable and washable.