Authorization API uses the OAUTH 2.0 standard to authenticate users.


To make calls to the API, you will need consumer keys. Please contact us to get your developer's key. We will first issue you with keys to our sandbox environment and later on, once your App is ready, we will issue production keys.

Getting User Authorization

To get an access token (so that you can make calls to the API on behalf of the user), you will have to make a call to:{client_id}&redirect_uri={redirect_uri}&client_secret={client_secret}&grant_type=authorization_code&scope=read

The client id and client secret will be provided to you by us. The redirect_uri is the uri you wish the API to redirect the user to once he (or she) have authorized your client.

Once approved by the user, you will be provided with the token. Tokens are valid for 30 days unless specifically rejected by the user.


View our screencast on getting started with API authorization:

- Screencast

To test your API key, you can try the Google OAuth 2.0 playground:

- OAuth Playground

If you are looking for a REST client to play with the API, we recommend:

- Rest Client