Checklist Bookmarklet

Drag the button to the Bookmarks bar in your browser

Get the Universal Checklist Button for ALL browsers

Save any page to your checklists with our Checklist Bookmarklet. Useful for:

  • Shopping lists.Groceries, DIY, Electronics, Price comparison, Price tracking etc.
  • Recipe clipping. Keep your Recipe box up to date with delicious recipes you find on the web
  • Planning a trip. Add your destination research to your trip checklist and take it on the go with our Checklist App
  • Baby registry, Wedding registry, Birthday registry. Making a registry for your special day? Simply add the pages of gifts you like to your registry checklist
  • TV & Movies lists.Make sure you don't miss the next episode of your favorite show.

How does it work?

As you browse the Internet and find an interesting page you wish to add to your checklists, simply click on the '+Checklist' button in your browser Bookmarks bar. The Checklist Bookmarklet will open in the top right of your window and will automatically include the page name and any images it has found on the page.

You can now:

  • Update the task name
  • Select a different image to store with the task
  • Add any notes you wish to save
  • Optionally add a price
  • Set to which checklist you wish to add the task to
Click on the 'Add to' button and the task will be save to your checklist and the popup will be closed. To view your task simply go to your Checklist Account.

Need Help?

  • Cannot find the bookmarks bar in your browser? In your browser menu select View -> Show Bookmarks Bar
  • Need more help? Check out our Bookmarklet Help.