Bathroom-Training League Left

Our goal is to provide clean, sanitary, appealing and well-supplied restrooms for the public. To do this, restroom cleaning is performed from Arpil 1 until November 1 each year in all locations. Some restroom locations are open earlier in the spring, close later in the fall, or are open year-round to provide the best possible level of customer service. Restrooms must be cleaned, sanitized and stocked by the contractor on a regular basis Cleaning involves sweeping the floor and behind the doors, removing cobwebs, sanitizing all surfaces (toilet, sink, handrails, doors, and walls) and washing the floors. If toilets or sinks are stopped up, and can be unstopped by plunging, then the contractor should do so. Burned-out light bulbs are to be replaced upon notification or inspection. Broken fixtures and other problems that cannot be solved by the contractor shall be reported immediately. All restrooms shall be stocked with toilet tissue. New restrooms are being equipped with soap dispensers and hand blow dryers. These restrooms should be stocked with soap in the dispensers as well.