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  • Inspecting the Trailer
    • The trailer should look square and straight.
    • Doors hang and swing properly.
    • All latches, hinges, and pins are snug and tight.
    • Make sure there’s no rust on seams.
    • Check the floor with a knife for rot.
    • Mats should be in good shape, with nothing to catch feet on.
    • Chest and butt bars at the dividers and center boards should fit snugly.
    • There should be no sharp edges inside.
    • Make sure the tires have no cuts, bulges, worn treads or steel belts showing.
    • Inflate tires to the pounds of pressure listed on the tire.
    • Be sure brakes are working properly and adjusted for your loaded weight.
    • Make sure the ball is properly sized for your trailer.
    • Make sure the trailer sits level when hitched.
    • Hook the safety chains – can you cross them to eliminate any droop that might catch on something?
    • Plug in the electrical system and check running lights, brake lights and turn signals.
  • Every Time You Go Out
    • Check the hitch for cracks and the bolts for signs of wear.
    • Make sure to anchor any tack firmly in place.
    • Ensure there is no rust in the receiver.
    • Make sure the ball is tight.
    • Check the electrical system, brakes, running lights, directionals, tire pressure and chains.
    • Check for hornet or wasp nests.
    • Make sure doors are all securely fastened.
  • Items to Have When Traveling
    • Insurance card.
    • Registrations for both vehicle and trailer.
    • Current inspection where needed.
    • Coggins for horses and health papers for all animals.
  • Items Useful to Have in the Trailer
    • Basic tool kit.
    • Jack or portable hydraulic lift.
    • Extra twine, double-ended snaps, knife (to cut the ropes), crowbar.
    • Human and animal first aid kits.
    • Longe whip, longe line, an extra cotton lead, a lead line with a chain and an extra halter, sheet or blanket for horses.
    • Proper cables.
    • Chocks for tires.
    • Flares.
    • Large container of fresh water for animals and/or coolant system breakdown.
    • Towing chain.
    • Muck bucket, broom, fork and/or shovel, rake.
    • Fire extinguisher.
    • Water and feed buckets, filled hay net for horses (safely hung and fastened so it doesn’t swing).

Trailer Checklist
  Taylor Peterson

on January 2, 2012

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