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  • Tools Maintenance
    • When finished working in a garden store your garden tools in a shed, garage or a utility room.
    • Clean your tools with an old towel.
    • Scrape and wipe off extra stubborn dirt and rust.
    • Take the time to rinse your tools off.
    • Allow the tools to dry before putting them away.
    • Always make sure your tools are clean before you sharpen them.
    • Sharpen the blades on shovels, spades, and hoes from time to time.
    • Grease periodically any tools that have moveable parts.
    • If the hinges on your tools are squeaking then bolts should be tightened and a lubricant applied.
    • Periodically, check the electrical cord, switches and connectors of the power tools for damage.
    • Have a specific safe and dry place to store your tools.
    • Keep your tools safe from harm, theft, rusting.
    • Keep your tools organized so you can easily access each one when you need it.

Tools Maintenance Checklist
  Nicole Nichols-West

on January 2, 2012

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