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  • Social Play
    • Maintain proximity to peers within 1 foot.
    • Take turns during simple games.
    • Play associatively with other children.
    • Respond to interactions.
    • Use appropriate greetings.
    • Invite others to play.
    • Organize play by suggesting play plan.
    • Follow another peers play ideas.
    • Give up toys and materials to peers.
    • Offer toys and materials to peers.
  • Emotions
    • Identify likes and dislikes.
    • Identify and label emotions in self.
    • Identify emotions in others.
    • Demonstrate affection.
    • Demonstrate empathy toward peers.
    • Uses tone of voice to convey a message.
    • Allow others to comfort him/her.
    • Deal with being teased in acceptable ways.
    • Accept losing at a game without becoming upset.
    • Deals with winning appropriately.
    • Accept making mistakes without becoming upset or angry.
    • Accept unexpected changes.
    • Identify problems.
    • Generate solutions.
  • Group Skills
    • Seek assistance from adults and/or peers.
    • Give assistance to peers.
    • Use appropriate attention seeking behaviors.
    • Remain with group.
    • Follow the group routine.
    • Accept interruptions/unexpected change.
  • Communication
    • Initiate a conversation.
    • Ask ‘Wh’ questions for information.
    • Respond to ‘Wh’ questions.
    • Make a variety of comments.
    • Introduce him/herself to someone new.
    • Maintain appropriate eye contact.
    • Use an appropriate voice volume.
    • Answer simple social questions.
    • Answer questions about past events.
    • Use mannerly words like please, thank you, and you’re welcome.
    • Give compliments regularly to others.

Social Skills Basics Checklist
  Fae Graham

on January 2, 2012

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