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  • Prior to relocation
    • Find a moving company
    • Sell or store your car.
    • Arrange for your mail to be redirected Think of renting a mail box.
    • Compile personal records and paperwork into a secure travel file.
    • Arrange for current prescriptions and a sufficient supply of any medicines.
    • Pay all bills, cancel subscriptions and ensure any direct debits will be stopped once you move.
    • Organise private health and home insurance for when you arrive at your relocation destination.
    • Confirm temporary accommodation booking for when you arrive.
    • Set up a bank account at relocation destination.
    • Obtain foreign currency (when applicable).
    • Pack all essential items.
    • Back up computer files.
    • Organise transport to the airport.
    • Leave forwarding contact details for the new occupants of your home.
  • Arriving at destination
    • Check into your temporary accommodation.
    • Let your friends and family at home know that you have arrived safely.
    • Set up a pre-paid mobile phone account.
    • Find your nearest internet service point.
    • Apply for a tax file number and open a bank account if still required.
    • Arrange for health insurance.
    • Contact potential employers and recruitment agencies to set up job interviews.
    • Collect your pets from quarantine if necessary.
  • Moving into new home
    • Set up utilities including phone, power, internet etc.
    • Contact your children’s new schools or child care provider and arrange for a progress report.
    • Introduce yourself to your new neighbours.
    • Look into social and recreational activities in your local area.
    • Purchase a car if required and organize registration and insurance.
    • Register with your local library.
  • Documents to keep when travelling
    • Passports.
    • Birth certificates.
    • Marriage (and divorce) certificates.
    • Qualifications, Curriculum Vitae/Resume, job and employment references.
    • Children’s school reports and ;immunization ;certificates.
    • Verification of your credit records.
    • Proof of no claim bonus for insurance purposes.
    • Copies of your life and other insurances.
    • A copy of your Last Will and Testament.
    • Records of trusts and companies you have operated.
    • Account and loan details.
    • Details of your investments.
    • Backup files for your computer.

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Relocation Checklist
  Nicole Nichols-West

on December 28, 2011

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