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  • Things You Can Do As Soon As You Know Your New Address
    • Notify The Post Office As long as you know your new address you can notify the Post Office anytime. Just tell them when you want delivery to stop at your current address and when you want it to start at the new one. It usually takes 3 to 5 business days for this change to take effect so if you wait until the last minute, expect delays and disruptions in your service.
    • Notify Utility Companies And Pay Deposits Even though the utilities may be on already at your new address you still need to pay deposits and put them into your own name. Might as well get this out of the way while you have time to concentrate.
    • Notify Service Providers Schedule the dates for disconnection at your present address and connection at your new address. It’s important to make sure that your cable company or satellite network know that you are discontinuing service at the old address â?? even if you’re keeping the same service at your new address. Don’t assume anything with these service providers. If you tell them you’re moving, they’ll be happy to hook up your new service â?? and charge you for both!
    • Schedule A Truck Whether you just need a small trailer or an entire moving van, call now and reserve it. Like everybody else in the world, you’ll probably be moving on a weekend. So get your name on a truck now.
    • Have A Yard Sale If you’ve got the time before your move this is a great time to have a yard sale. Get rid of everything that you haven’t touched in the last year. Not only will you save money on your move but you’ll make a few bucks to buy that new rug or those pretty curtains that you want for the new place.
    • Notify Your Landlord Don’t wait until the last minute to notify your current landlord if you’re a renter. If you give him plenty of time to get the place rented before you move he may just be kind enough to give you back your full deposit.
    • Start Planning Your Packing Don’t just start throwing things in boxes. Plan your packing. Pack valuables and things you’ll need immediately separately and carry them with you in your own vehicle. Sort out things that you’re going to sell or give away. Then pick a room close to the door and make it your staging area where you’ll stack boxes as you pack them.
    • Notify Schools Let schools know when you’ll be moving and the name of your children’s new school so they can get the records transferred.
    • Gather Medical Records If you’re moving to a new city, make sure you get all of your family’s medical records so you can take them with you. This is also a good time for dental checkups or vaccinations if they’re coming up soon after the move that way you won’t have to rush to find doctors as soon as you get to the new house.
    • Send Out Change Of Address Information Go ahead and notify friends and family and don’t forget magazine subscriptions. You’ll also need to notify your credit card companies, and any banks or lending companies where you have loans.
  • Two Weeks Before You Move
    • Confirm Truck Confirm your truck now. That way, if there has been some kind of a mix-up, you’ll still have time to reserve another one.
    • Find Helpers At Both Locations If you’ll be moving yourself, start lining up helpers. If you don’t have friends or family who can help, check Craigslist or local college notice boards.
    • Start Packing Start packing anything that you don’t use on a daily basis. Books, knick-knacks, extra kitchenware, extra linens. Anything that you can do without until you get to the new place. The more you have packed now, the less stressful those last couple of days will be.
    • Use Things Up If you’re moving a long distance, start using up groceries that won’t make the trip like, frozen foods and refrigerated items. It’s also a good idea to use up cereals and dry goods that might attract insects or rodents while in transit or at least make sure they’re in sealed containers.
    • Fill Prescriptions If possible, get a month’s refill on all prescription medications that your family uses that way you won’t have to rush to find a doctor and a pharmacy as soon as you arrive.
    • Visit The Vet Make sure your pet has all the necessary vaccinations and get copies of their medical records, too.
  • One Week Before You Move
    • Finish Packing Finish last minute packing. Perishables and valuables in your vehicle and anything that you’re going to need as soon as you get to the new place. Don’t forget medications. And if you’re going to get there before the truck make sure everyone has a change of clothes and any toiletries you need just in case the truck is delayed over night.
    • Clean As You Go Don’t wait until the truck is loaded to start cleaning. You’ll be too tired, too rushed and too stressed. Clean as you go or put the kids to work â?? it’ll help keep them out of the way.
    • Confirm Truck and Helpers Again, confirm your truck and your helpers. Those trucks are hard to come by and impossible if you wait till the last minute. And make sure your helpers are ready to go at both ends of the move.
    • Make Sure You Have Cash It’s always a good idea to make sure you have some cash on hand. You’ll want to tip helpers and drivers and you might want to send the kids down to the corner for toilet paper or sodas or something.

Moving Preparation Checklist
  John F. Smith

on December 28, 2011

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