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  • Moving Companies
    • Shop around to make sure you get the highest quality service.
    • Ask friends and family for their advice.
    • Check that the moving company provide insurance.
    • Check if the moving company provide packaging and boxes for you.
    • Clearly mark each box you pack so that your moving company knows which room to leave it in the new property.
    • Make it clear to the moving company men if any items are fragile or valuable.
    • Keep your eye on the moving company men to ensure they your items are treated with care.
  • Children
    • Talk to children about the move early enough.
    • Tell the children all about their new home and give them lots of facts and information.
    • If possible, take the child to visit the new place a couple of times before moving in.
    • Let the child get used to their new surroundings.
    • Get the children involved in the moving process.
    • Stick to normal mealtimes and bedtimes.
    • Inform your children’s school about the move.
    • Tell your children’s friends or friends’ parents about the move.
    • Inform the babysitter.
  • Moving Day
    • Make moving as stress-free as possible by arranging for your children to stay with friends or family.
    • Keep calm.
    • Read electricity, gas and water meters and ring to the relevant supplier.
    • Turn the heating and water off.
    • Do the all-important walk-through once you have finished packing up your house.
    • Make sure that the moving company crew has directions to your new property,
    • Make sure that the moving company crew has your telephone number.
    • Don’t leave until the movers have gone.
    • Lock everything thoroughly to make sure the house is secure.
    • Hand over the keys to your estate agent.

Moving House Checklist
  John F. Smith

on January 1, 2012

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