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  • Evening Before the Move
    • Make sure fragile objects have been labelled as such.
    • On each packing box, write the room that it should be unloaded into at your new place.
    • Store any frozen food and perishable food at a friend’s house.
    • Defrost the freezer and clean it.
    • Turn off the fridge and clean it.
    • Fully empty the washing maschine and disconnect it.
    • Prepare road directions to your new home for moving company men.
  • Moving Day
    • Tidy up your house before the movers arrive.
    • Leave your phone connected throughout moving day.
    • Be there when the movers arrive.
    • Separate goods to be carried with you or not to be moved.
    • Take with you enough clothing to hold the family over until the shipment arrives at destination.
    • Take with you insurance policies and other important papers.
    • Stay at your old home until the last item is packed and loaded.
    • Check the mover’s inventory and do a final inspection.
    • Give the movers road directions to your new place.
    • Verify that all your utilities have been disconnected.
    • Close all doors and windows.
    • Empty trash cans prior to leaving.
    • Turn over keys, garage-door remote controls and alarm codes to the new owner or real estate agent.

Moving Day Checklist
  John F. Smith

on January 1, 2012

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