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  • Information Inputs
    • Determine origin and objectives.
    • Determine any objectives, guidelines or constraints imposed by management.
    • State the size of the market in terms of units and dollars.
    • Identify the type(s) of product(s).
    • Analyse the the Marketing Environment including demographic, economic, social & cultural and political & legal trends.
    • Identify organisations in the trade (if any) important for your project.
    • Understand your consumer, his or her needs, attitudes, perceptions, purchase behaviour etc.
    • Identify and analyse key customers.
    • Summarise the key factors in the SWOT analysis: strenght, weaknesses, opportunieties & threats.
  • Market Segmentation
    • Describe the consumer’s buying motive.
    • Describe the group of people who are seeking this end in ways that differentiate them from all other people.
    • Estimate the number of people in your market segment.
  • Objectives
    • Determine financial objectives such as gross profit, net profit and return on investment.
    • Determine marketing objectives including unit sales, share of market, distribution levels & levels of customer satisfaction.
    • Determine customer objectives such as acquisition of new customers or retention of existing customers.
  • Marekting Strategy
    • State your marketing strategy.
    • Define your cometition.
    • Determine how to achieve your sales target.
    • Determine how you intend to position your product relative to competitive products.
    • Determine your promotional strategy.
    • State your message that you wish to communicate to your consumer.
    • State any other marketing strategies that might be relevant.
  • Marekting Mix
    • List the main features and characteristics of the product.
    • Specify the maximum production cost per unit.
    • Determine your Brand name criteria.
    • State graphic criteria for the pack design and cost per unit.
    • State the type of retail outlets in which your consumer can buy the product.
    • Predict the retail price.
    • Determine your selling price.
    • Specify the media that will be used to reach your consumer.
    • State the weight of advertising.
    • Estimate production and media costs.
    • State your sales strategy and tactics.
    • State your PR objectives and strategy.
    • Specify the objectives for creating or refreshing an internet site.
  • Measurement and Review
    • Determine who will be involved in measuring output vs outcome.
    • Explain what outcomes are expected at which point of the plan’s implementation
    • Consult on and communicate the plan.

Marketing Plan Checklist
  Campbell Rodriguez

on January 1, 2012

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