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  • 3-6 months prior to moving day
    • Research moving companies (get quotes from at least 3 of them)
    • Book moving company
    • If you will be changing doctors with your move, start researching doctors in your new area and find out if they are accepting new patients
  • 2 months prior to moving day
    • Take an inventory of everything in your house (this includes writing down the serial numbers of all electronics and appliances for insurance purposes)
    • Decide what you are keeping, giving away, selling or throwing out
    • Organize a garage sale to sell those items that you can, if the weather is inclement you can always try to sell some items online
    • Choose a charity for the items you are donating
    • Call the city to pick up the items that you want to throw away if they are pieces of furniture or if you have more than your limit of garbage bags to collect
    • Call utility companies to inform them that you will be cutting power/water/cable on your moving day at your old address and have them reconnected at your new address on the same day
    • Arrange for your mail to be forwarded to your new address ? do not wait to have this done since processing times can take up to two months in some places
    • Arrange for your medical, dental and other health records to be transferred to your new doctor (if you are changing practitionners)
    • If you have children, start arranging the transfer of their files to their new schoo
    • Start collecting boxes for packing!
  • 6 weeks prior to moving day
    • Send out a mass mailing to friends and associates informing them of your move and your new address
    • Have your address changed for all of your: bank accounts, magazine subscriptions, credit cards, tax forms, insurances, gym memberships, book clubs, video rental places, etc?
    • If you have children and/or pets arrange for someone to watch them on your moving day
    • Start packing the rooms that are used least (basements, storage areas, attics, guest rooms, etc?)
  • 1 month prior to moving day
    • Start packing in earnest! Get yourself organized by labelling each box with its contents and keep a master list on yourself
  • 2 weeks prior to moving day
    • Call movers or rental company to confirm your booking
    • Cancel newspaper subscription
    • Finish up major packing
  • 1 week prior to moving day
    • Make a detailed map of the directions from your old place to your new address so that the movers will not get lost ? make sure your cell phone number is on it
    • Confirm babysitters/pet sitters
    • Should you be moving yourself, start dismantling larger items such as beds, tables, etc?
  • The day before moving day
    • Pack your personal travel bag ? it should include all of the items you are taking in your car such as all valuables (jewellery, important documents, personal garments, an overnight bag)
    • Reconfirm time with movers/rental truck company
  • Moving day
    • Take readings from all your utility meters!
    • Be present while movers are loading the truck
    • If any items were damaged, note it on inventory list before truck leaves
    • After truck is loaded, go over house one last time checking cupboards, closets, closing windows, turning down thermostats.
    • Lock all doors and inform neighbours that the house is vacant

Local Moving checklist
  John F. Smith

on December 26, 2011

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