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  • Wallet
    • Remove any cards or documents not needed on a regular basis.
    • Don’t keep a birth certificate in your wallet.
    • Only carry your passport when necessary.
    • If your wallet is lost or stolen, immediately contact your credit card companies and financial institutions.
  • Mailbox
    • Install a locked mailbox or a mail slot that allows letters to drop inside your home.
    • When you’re away, ask a neighbour to promptly pick up your mail.
    • Take note of when credit card and utility bills are supposed to arrive.
    • Reduce the number of sensitive documents mailed to your home by switching to secure online banking.
    • Destroy any unwanted pre-approved credit card applications that arrive in the mail.
    • Instruct your bank not to mail you unsolicited convenience cheques.
  • Computer
    • Use intricate passwords.
    • Avoid using an automatic login feature.
    • Never leave your laptop in the car or anywhere else it could easily be stolen.
    • Use digital signatures, data encryption, and anonymizing services.
    • Use a personal firewall.
    • Install virus protection software.
    • Disable file-sharing software to block unauthorized access to information in your computer.
    • When shopping or banking online, only send personal or financial information after ensuring there is a secure transaction system.
    • Make online purchases from reputable firms.
    • Sign out of a web site and clear your Internet file after online banking.
    • Make sure your wireless Internet is protected.
    • Disconnect or disable your Wi-Fi equipment when not in use.
    • Do not reply to or click on links in any e-mail asking for your personal information.
    • Ensure personal information is deleted before selling a computer.
    • Do not engage by replying to bogus e-mails.
  • Credit Cards
    • Don’t give credit card numbers on the telephone unless you are sure who you are speaking with.
    • Monitor bills and credit card activity carefully each month.
    • Keep a list of all credit card numbers and expiry dates in a safe place
    • Cut up any credit or debit cards that are expired or that you don’t use.

Identity Theft Checklist
  John F. Smith

on January 1, 2012

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