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  • Selecting the Grant
    • Research and identify possible funders who show interest in your subject.
    • Identify main contact and method for contacting each potential funder.
    • Make contact with funders to determine interest level in your project.
    • Obtain guidelines from the funders.
    • Review guidelines and eligibility criteria.
    • Read the requirements carefully.
    • Gather necessary documentation.
  • Preparing and Writing the Grant
    • Re-read the funder’s statement of need or interest.
    • Identify the main focus and the components required in the proposal.
    • Collect all the data and references.
    • Arrange for typing, graphics, and technical support.
    • Determine who will submit the proposal.
    • Prepare each grant section.
    • Write a compelling grant abstract of the project.
    • Describe the need for your project.
    • Develop the grant project design.
    • Describe project management.
    • Describe how you will sustain the project after the grant period.
    • Calculate the budget.
    • Assemble resumes, bibliographies, and appendices.
    • Have an objective third party review your proposal.
    • Submit the required number of copies.

Grant Writing Checklist
  John F. Smith

on December 26, 2011

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