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  • Planning
    • Do a thorough spring cleaning.
    • Sort through your household for unwanted items.
    • Price your items.
    • Pick a date and time for your sale.
    • Set an alternate date (in the event of rain).
    • Research community rules.
    • Arrange post sale charity pick up.
  • Preparing
    • Prepare your ad; give the address and hours of the sale.
    • Place your ad in local newspapers.
    • Use free garage sale adversting sites.
    • Put up flyers on local community boards.
    • Inform your family, friends and neighbours.
    • Make sure items are cleaned and repaired.
    • Make your signs and determine where signs will go.
  • Sale Day
    • Set up your tables and display areas and proper lighting.
    • Make the displays attractive and interesting.
    • Put away any pets that may cause a distraction.
    • Set up a "freebies" box for items you wish to give away.
    • Get refreshments ready.
    • Get checkout area ready.
    • Put up signs at strategic street corners.
    • Label all items with self-adhesive price tags.
    • Make sure your house is locked up and fully secure.
    • Open the gates/door to your sale.
    • Greet all customers with a freindly smile.
    • Sell!
  • After the Sale
    • Remove neighborhood sign advertisements.
    • Repack and store unsold items you want to keep for future sales.
    • Throwaway items that have no further use.
    • Count your money and rejoice!

Garage Sale Checklist
  Nicole Nichols-West

on December 28, 2011

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