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  • Daycare Provider
    • Appears warm and friendly.
    • Treats children with respect, flexibility, and patience.
    • Is able to meet your child’s developmental and emotional needs.
    • Gives children individual attention.
    • Sets reasonable and consistent limits.
    • Supplies you with information for variety of issues such as: hours of operation, vacations, holidays, payment, fees, discipline policies, sick policies, etc.
    • Provide a contract that clearly states the agreed to terms of the childcare services.
    • Staff have training in early childhood development.
    • Teachers trained in first aid and CPR.
    • Background checks are completed on staff members.
  • Daycare Environment
    • Bright, cheerful setting.
    • Children appear happy, comfortable, and relaxed.
    • Safe, clean indoor and outdoor areas with adequate space.
    • Toys and equipment are safe and age appropriate.
    • Various open ended play materials such as puzzles, blocks, dress up props.
    • Toys are within children’s reach, well organized, and easy for children to clean up.
    • Sanitary bathrooms and clean kitchen area.
    • Hand washing after toileting and before meals and snacks.
    • Separate cribs for infants and separate cots/mats for others.
    • Cleaning materials, medicines, and sharp utensils out of reach of children.
  • Daycare Program
    • Daily routine that is consistent but flexible and provides a variety of activities, and indoor/outdoor times.
    • Activities that are open ended, child directed.
    • Children have the opportunity to experiment with various art materials.
    • Healthy snacks and/or meals.
    • Supervised rest time.
    • Minimal, supervised TV if any.
  • Daycare Regulations
    • Has a copy of a license or registration certificate from states family childcare licensing agency.
    • Has a CPR and First Aid Certificate.
    • Has emergency phone numbers & evacuation plan.
    • Should not exceed number of children licensed for.
    • Outlet covers, gates to block stairways, smoke detectors are installed and in proper working condition.
    • Has a first aid kit on hand.
    • There are restrictions on who may pick up a child.
    • The playground equipment meet safety standards.
    • Hazardous materials kept out of reach of children.

Daycare Checklist
  Laura Cooper Peterson

on December 29, 2011

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