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  • Prior To Start Of Construction
    • Get written approval of the bid award.
    • Send Notice of Award Letter to the contractor.
    • Send the Contract Award Report immediately after the Notice of Award has been issued.
    • Get the signed contract, performance and payment bonds, insurance certificates and registration from the contractor.
    • Get the name of the architect or engineer responsible for monitoring the project.
    • Get the name of the Local Entity employee or elected official who will have overall responsibility of the project.
    • Set conference date and time and invited the contractor, subcontractors and other agencies with interests in the construction.
    • Prepare materials for the conference.
    • Discuss labor standards, civil rights provisions, contract terms and project schedule with the contractor and subcontractors.
    • Discuss the responsibilities of the Local Entity, contractor and architect or construction engineer.
    • Distribut the minutes of the conference to all attendees and filed a copy in the project file.
    • Provide a written Notice to Proceed to the contractor.
  • During Construction
    • Periodically check the contractor’s Job Bulletin Board.
    • Conduct spot check interviews with the contractor and subcontractors employees.
    • Compare the results of the spot check interviews with the contractor’s certified payroll information.
    • Ensure all personnel working on project site are noted on the contractor certified payroll at the appropriate wage rate and classification.
    • Ensure that the contractor or subcontractor was actually supervising and performing the designated work.
    • Ensured the employment goals were met by the contractor and each subcontractor.
    • Receive weekly certified payroll and statements of compliance from the contractor and subcontractors.
    • Investigate and resolve labor complaints or other labor violations, where applicable.
    • Check and document all quantities used on the project.
    • Prepare monthly progress reports for inclusion with the monthly invoices.
    • Submit monthly progress reports and invoices.
    • Pay the contractor based on the quantities used on the project.
    • Conduct sampling and testing of all materials used on the project.
    • Conduct regular inspections of the contractor’s work.
    • Evaluate and maintain a record of the contract time.
    • Ensure that the architect or engineer was on-site during key construction periods.
    • Prepare construction change orders when the plans and/or specifications were revised.
    • Receive approval for all change orders.
    • Receive approval for use of the Local Entity’s personnel, equipment and/or materials on the project.
    • Prepare the final payment estimate based on quantity calculations and documentation.
  • Project Closeout
    • Submit the final payment to the contractor after securing the release of all claims.
    • Conduct the final inspection.
    • Conduct a review of the project records.
    • Receive the signed Certification of Completion from the Contractor.
    • Sign the Certification of Completion.

Construction Checklist
  Nicole Nichols-West

on December 29, 2011

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