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  • Kitchen
    • Rinse dishes and place in dishwasher Rinsing dishes right after use makes it easy to remove food.
    • Wipe down kitchen counters Move appliances to remove dust or crumbs from behind them.
    • Wipe out kitchen sink Run garbage disposal to clean it out.
    • Clean away any spills from counters, stove top or microwave Always wipe up spills as soon as they happen.
    • Wipe any spills or large spots from the floor This will reduce the need for a full mop job to once per week.
    • Throw away any expired food Check your refrigerator daily and use up leftovers before they spoil.
    • Plan dinner Take food out of the freezer that will need time to thaw.
    • Take out trash and recycling.
  • Bathroom
    • Hang towels neatly on towel rack This will allow them to dry and keep them fresh longer.
    • Wipe out bathroom sink Rinse sink right away after brushing teeth.
    • Wipe any obvious water or spots off the mirrors.
    • Spray shower after last use Hang an automatic shower sprayer or use a hand-held spray to keep soap scum from building up on shower walls.
    • Wipe off bathroom counters Avoid clutter on your counters. Put everything away after use.
    • Check stock of toilet paper Replace empty rolls.
    • Empty bathroom trash Keep your bathroom waste basket lined with a small bag to make it convenient to empty.
  • Floors
    • Sweep hard floors with broom or dust mop Pay attention to corners and edges.
    • Pick up string, leaves or large objects from carpet Vacuuming will be done once per week.
  • Bedroom
    • Make your bed A neat bed makes your entire room look better.
    • Put dirty clothes in hamper Keep it near where you undress.
    • Set out clothing for next day A hook or hanger outside your closet will make it easy to assemble your outfit the night before.
    • Put away books If you have finished a book, put it in a bag to return to library or place back on your bookshelf.
  • Clutter
    • Put away toys or crafts Have baskets or boxes to store small items.
    • Sort through mail Throw out junk, file or pay bills, and put magazines in rack.
    • Teach children to put away one activity before starting on the next.
    • Remove clutter from living room coffee table each night.
  • Pets/Plants
    • Feed pets Wash out their bowls when they finish eating.
    • Clean cat litter box This should be done twice per day if you have multiple cats.
    • Clean up dog run or puppy pads.
    • Brush pets Removing loose hair will keep it off your furniture and carpets.
    • Water houseplants if dry Check with a finger to determine if plants need water.
  • Miscellaneous
    • Do a load of laundry Checking laundry each day will keep you from being overwhelmed with a mountain of laundry on the weekend.
    • Backpacks Check backpacks of school-age children; take care of any paperwork that must return to school.
    • Dust one room with a feather or microfiber duster Rotating through your rooms will keep dust from building up.
    • Follow the 10-second rule Anything that will take less than 10 seconds to complete should be done right away.
    • Straighten throw cushions on couch It will immediately make your living room look neater.
    • Put away groceries When bringing home groceries or other merchandise, put everything away, then dispose of bags, or use to line trash containers.

Few people look forward to housework, but a clean, tidy home makes life much more pleasant. But you don’t have to work hours at a time to keep your house in order. Spending just 45 minutes a day to complete this entire list adds up to a big difference by the end of the week. Establish a daily routine of basic cleaning, make it a habit, and you will be amazed at how much easier it is to keep your house looking good.


  • Larger jobs, such as thorough bathroom cleaning, vacuuming and mopping, should be performed weekly.
  • Get your family involved. All adults and children should have daily assigned tasks.
  • Work your way through the daily cleaning checklist in the same order and at the same time each day. This will help make it a habit, and get it done more quickly.
  • Focus each day on clutter hot spots to prevent them from becoming overwhelming.
  • Keep a mat on the outside and inside of entries to your home. This will greatly reduce the dust and debris tracked inside.
  • Don’t allow clutter to build up in your home, or maintain extensive collections of items that will require dusting.
Cleaning Checklist
  Michelle Tako

on March 14, 2012

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