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  • One Week Before the BBQ
    • Check the weather forecast.
    • Make up a guest list and just call everybody up.
    • Plan the menu and make a shopping list.
    • See if you can allocate some of the work to your friends and family.
    • If you use a gas grill, check to see you have enough.
    • If you’re using charcoal, make sure you have enough.
    • If you need to rent or borrow any equipment, make necessary arrangements.
  • 2-3 Days Before the BBQ
    • Arrrange food and beverages.
    • Keep raw meat away from other ingredients.
    • Purchase paper plates, napkins and towels, and plastic utensils.
    • Get any special decorations, tablecloths, meats, seafood or anything else you may need.
    • Prepare snacks and mixes and freeze them.
  • The day before the BBQ
    • Get the ice you need for the drinks.
    • Pick up all the perishable and last-minute items you need.
    • Prepare your salads.
    • Marinade foods or apply rubs to foods as required.
    • Decorate for the party and arrange the tables.
    • Thaw any frozen items.
    • Check and clean BBQ and tools.
  • The BBQ DAY
    • Set out the plates, utensils, and BBQ tools.
    • Prepare a couple of quick side dishes and a fresh salad.
    • Prepare vegetables and and wrap in foil, if required.
    • Get the garden lights ready.
    • Set up a self-service drinks table.
    • Set up a large trash container in your cooking area.
    • Bring out the patio heater to make sure no one gets cold.
    • Heat your BBQ approx 20mins before you want to start cooking.
    • Put some music on.
    • Have fun!

BBQ Checklist
  Jefferey Rondman

on December 25, 2011

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